Teaching Philosophy

My goal is to create a supportive and compassionate space for learning, where students feel free to experiment and express their creativity. Learning music is a process that should be fun and rewarding! Finding the right teacher is an important step as everyone learns differently. I believe that having a teacher who trusts in your process, and can adjust to your needs as a student, is essential to a supportive learning experience.

When teaching voice, I believe a strong technical foundation requires proper breath support. This can be achieved by understanding the connection between breath and the body, which involves increasing body awareness, releasing tension in the body, and learning how to breathe and sing with freedom. As a music teacher, my desire is to instill a set of skills that can be applied to every piece of music that you encounter. Music is a language, and a strong sense of rhythm, phrasing, diction, and interpretation will give you a steady foundation to build your artistic expression as a performer, whether it is for an audience, or for your own enjoyment. 

I am continually sharpening my skills as a musician through various workshops and programs including Alexander Technique, opera programs and workshops, acting classes, and performing. I am also studying under the mentorship of soprano Frances Ginzer.  

I look forward to welcoming you to my studio and working with you to reach your musical goals!

What Students Are Saying...

My 9 year old son looks forward to online lessons every week! Leah offers so much positivity and encouragement. With her knowledge and teaching skills my son is learning quickly, enjoying practice and having fun making music. – Carla B.

“Lessons with Leah were such a welcome addition to my week! She customized the classes to my skill level and made all the warmups feel comfortable…My confidence in my ability skyrocketed in such a short time, and I am eternally grateful to Leah for being the reason I am able to belt out my favourite songs!” – Kasia Galica

I enjoyed taking singing lessons with Leah. She is approachable and patient with students. I like the way she taught me because she is more like a coach to me rather than just an instructor…She applied techniques into songs instead of focusing heavily on practicing techniques and losing the fun of learning.” – Derrek L.

“Leah was a wonderful piano instructor for my 7-year-old daughter. She was patient, enthusiastic, and supportive every lesson. My daughter always left with a smile, looking forward to practicing her lessons. I would recommend Leah to anyone looking to learn new skills or hone their talents.” – Tarah Hook 

“I had no musical background and was quite nervous coming in for my lesson. I didn’t know what to expect or what to do. Leah made me very comfortable and she exceeded my expectations. She explained things in a clear, simple format. Easy for me to follow along. She’s very easy going and won’t judge you even if you don’t know music. I would recommend Leah as a vocal teacher to all my friends!” – Trang Do